The Greatest Showman Photo Session - Feb 23rd 208 S Pulaski Street Baltimore Md 21223

Hello Everyone,

Here we go again! I love the Greatest Showman Movie, So I want to do an EPIC photo session in the likeness of the movie. I plan to transform my studio into a theme set of a circus ring. I would like to have 15+ models participate. I will take individual photos as well as group shots.

Models Needed
This Entire Photo Session is TFP - TIME FOR PRINT. I am not paying anyone other then for all the food, snacks, drinks, coffee, chip, soda, cookies, and pizza dude. If you are not willing to do this for the simple fun of it PLEASE DO NOT COME. I do not need the drama.

MUA Needed - If you want to play with theatrical make-up then this is the venue for you. Your creativity is the only limitation!

Please be aware it may take me months to retouch all of the photos. (yes I do still have pirate photos to finish)

Some of the movie characters have been claimed already. I will add a list of characters and who has claimed each. Listed below are samples of characters that were in the movie. Please use this as guide only for the style of character we are looking for. If you have a costume GREAT! If not we will have limited costumes on site. Please try to create a costume.

Currently there are a sizable amount of awesome costume designers, make-up artist, and models coming from across the country. We will start at 9am and go all day. breakfast, lunch and dinner will be supplied. With this amount of people there will not be space for your Uber driver, probation officer, out of town guest, paranoid boy friends, personal crew, groupies, or parents to just hang around all day ogling everybody. Please clear guest with me first.

There will be a video team on site to create short videos of the event you are free to use. Full video credits for all participants.

If you have any questions hit me up on Facebook or directly at