Step 1

Use this form to let us know what you’re looking for in your photo shoot. Any information you submit will be kept strictly confidential. We’ll provide you with detailed information about our packages and a no-obligation estimate for your shoot.


Step 2

Every shoot is different, customized to our clients’ preferences, so prior consultation helps be sure we understand what you’re looking for and walk you through the process. We often speak with our clients by phone and/or meet in person ahead of time to review examples of what they’re looking for. Using this form, you can send us sample photos and/or links you find in our portfolio or elsewhere that you might like to recreate during our photo shoot, which is especially helpful for us in preparing for your shoot.


Step 3

We work around our clients’ busy schedules. We’re happy to shoot in the morning, afternoon, evening or late night, weekdays, weekends and most holidays. If you have a deadline, such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday, please give yourself plenty of time in advance. We recommend a minimum of one week. Add at least one additional week if you plan to order a printed product, such as a photo book.