Customized Portrait Sessions

At Barry Freeman Photography we specialize in customized portrait sessions. We have options to fit most budgets from only a few hundred dollars to as much as you might want to spend. If you are on a budget, simply choose a shorter photo shoot. You'll still have great photos, but won't have to choose from as many and be in the position of wanting to buy them all. Just in case you do want to buy them all, we offer a payment plan to spread it out for you. You pay for your photo shoot when you schedule it, then half is due when you place your order and the balance when you pick up your photos. We can take those three payments and break it up into five payments for you.

Pricing is your choice between individual prints, starting at $289 or our Create-a-Package which gives you much greater value and diversity. With the Create-a-Package, you build your own package, custom tailored to your needs, from four separate steps.