Model Portfolio Building 

Your dream and goal my be to become a model, an essential requirement is having a professionally-prepared well developed modeling portfolio. Having spent time to create and then highlight your most accomplished photo sessions is a very important tool to get yourself in front of modeling agencies and potential clients. It is your time to show off! 

I shoot model portfolios for many aspiring models. Our photo have been known to stand out and get you the positive professional attention you are looking for from agencies and clients. 

I also have a steady group of professional models that routinely come to me  to update their portfolios as well as add various photo genres to their photography portfolios.  Professional models  understand that keeping their portfolios fresh and up-to-date is important, and also shows potential clients that you are remaining current on new styles, personas, and fashion genres. Building your range of looks will set you apart from you competition. 

If you’ve always had a dream of being a professional model and have  never modeled, your first professional photo shoot is an opportunity to explore your modeling strengths, perhaps for the first time. Many of our clients seeking to build their portfolios are initially fixated on glamour modeling. We work to take them beyond simple glamour/pin-up-style modeling to explore other genres, including the more artistic genres of fitness, make-up, action, character styles, boudoir and fine art photography. Our clients are often stunned to see how they look in such lighting and discover talents they never realized they had. As a result, they end up with portfolios that show a diversity of looks and can present themselves to prospective clients or agencies as models with exceptional versatility.

Below is a sample of a comp card (essentially a model’s business card, described below) we created for Faren Anemie . Note how it portrays her in a wide range of photographic genres, lighting, wardrobe, etc., demonstrating her versatility as a model (and increasing her marketability).

Model Comp Card

Model Comp Card

Developing A Model Portfolio - The Process

In a photo session designed to build your modeling portfolio, we’ll plan the shoot ahead of time. We will plan a  time to discuss your:

  • Modeling Goals

  • Modeling Strengths and Interests

  • Style and Genre Goals

 The photo session itself has two main components:

First, we’ll take headshots, full-length shots, etc. with you dressed in a neutral color (usually black). These are obligatory shots required by many modeling agencies and potential clients. We’ll then change your wardrobe and proceed with a previous discussed style;  fashion, make-up glamour, pin-up-style, urban street,  fitness,  or even high fashion photos that are typically found in modeling portfolios. We will incorporate a professional make-up artist in this to help you get the polished professional look we need.  

The second component is a process of exploring different lighting and theme set-ups, including wardrobes and incorporating various photographic genres to provide your portfolio with additional diversity (demonstrating your versatility as a model).

 I am known for dramatic photos where shadows and light play in a way that brings out the most dramatic portraits. If there are particular types of modeling you’ve always wanted to try or feel that are your strengths, this is the part of the photo shoot to explore and develop those.

At the end of the process we’ll help you select the best photos for a compelling and diverse portfolio. We’ll put together a comp card for you like the one above for Faren ( in the modling industry it is also called composite card, z card, zed card or sed card. Keep in mind that you would use this as a marketing tool that features the latest and best photos of your portfolio and is often also used as a business card). With our partner photo lab, we’ll print a professional modeling portfolio book that you can show agencies and potential clients and can also help you set up an online portfolio as well. Finally, we are happy to provide advice and networking opportunities.

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Fashion Designer Photo Sessions

I work with aspiring and well known fashion designers all the time. Many times they ask me to supply the models for their fashion photo session. I recommend models based on what the designer and I are looking for. In many instances I will recommend a model just so the model can have the experience and get great photos.  

Surreal Beauty Magazine  Eurhythmic (3).jpg

Fashion Magazine Submissions

I have been published numerous times in well know fashion magazines and online fashion blogs. I submit deserving models works and fashion designer sets to world renown re- touchers and photo editors to get the best polished photos for magazine submission. Lets talk about what it would take to create and submit your photos for publication. 

Rate: For the Basic Model Portfolio Building

2 photos sessions per month that will concentrate on a specific look and style for your portfolio. Here are some of the specific areas we can cover for each session

  • Elegant Portraits

  • Product Fashion

  • Hair/Make-up

  • Head Shots

  • Fashion Make-up

  • Street Fashion

  • Street Urban

  • Athletic Sportswear

  • Swimwear

  • Catalog

  • Designer Fashion

  • Lingerie

You get 2 professionally edited photos to add to you portfolio.

$250 Per Month for both sessions. MUA is not included in all sessions.