You are beautiful and do not need an excuse to book a boudoir shoot for yourself - you are reason enough!

Many of my clients feel more comfortable about having their picture taken when they reach a momentous point or event in their lives.

Bridal Boudoir where the bride-to-be wants to give her husband-to-be a unique wedding gift.

Anniversary Boudoir There are lots of clients who book a shoot in time for an anniversary. These sessions can be done with your spouse or solo.

Birthday or Holiday Boudoir These sessions are perfect for those special dates that you want to give the perfect gift

Spike/Achievement I've had clients celebrate a weight loss and want to capture their achievement. Divorce or breakups is also a major motivator and spike photos not only give the client a certain sense of satisfaction but also sets a milestone on accomplishments. The important thing is that you do it, because regret hurts

Because I am Sexy Others are looking to spice things up or reclaim their sensuality after having kids or looking to immortalize their bodies before starting a family.

So if you're ready, click here to get in touch and we'll start to plan your own shoot! You're pretty much half-way there already by being here.