Studio Photography in Baltimore


A terrific studio portrait can be helpful for many different applications in life. A studio portrait can make a great addition to any resume. A studio portrait can even help you promote your business. If you're a real estate agent who wants to spread the word about your services, a good portrait can come in handy. If you need a professional image for placement on your company's website, a quality portrait can be just as useful. When you need outstanding studio photography in Baltimore, Maryland, we encourage you to get in touch with our company. That company is Barry Freeman Photography. We're a full-service photography firm that accommodates clients located all around Baltimore. We enthusiastically work with clients in Montgomery County as well.

Barry Freeman Photography Does It All

Barry Freeman is the skilled photographer from a who does it all here at Barry Freeman Photography. He's been crafting his photography skills for many years now. His dedication to the art only grows stronger by the day as well. Freeman is the type of photographer who can provide you with a studio portrait that accurately depicts your character and spirit. He's the type of photographer who strongly believes that a portrait is a lot more than just a picture, too. It's a vessel that can communicate your true self to the rest of the world.

Studio Photography in Baltimore

Amazing studio photography in Baltimore is always the aim here at Barry Freeman Photography. Although our studio photography is modern, it still manages to be classic. It genuinely stands the test of time. We offer photography sessions in controlled settings. Our knowledge of lighting techniques is unparalleled, too. We give our clients access to portrait sessions that are comfortable, pleasant and accommodating. Our approach to studio photography is the epitome of results-driven.

Looking for a Master Photographer

If you're looking for a masterful photographer  in Studio Photography in Baltimore who can tend to all of your needs, just say the word and reach out to Barry Freeman Photography. We offer our customers photography sessions that are unequaled. We offer them portraits that are unrivaled in quality as well. Give us a phone call today to set up a session. You can also contact us 

Great Family Portrait Photographer in Baltimore

It's not easy to find a great family portrait studio in this day and age. Competition is fierce. When you need a top-quality family portrait studio in Baltimore or Montgomery County, Maryland, however, the answer is easy as pie. Barry Freeman Photography is a Baltimore company that can accommodate any and all of your photography needs. If you're searching for a family portrait photographer who is dedicated, hard-working and detail-oriented, Barry Freeman can save the day. Freeman is a seasoned family portrait photographer who truly knows his stuff. He's been capturing images of families for many years now. His journey as a photographer began all the way back in the seventies when he was merely a young boy. When you need a family portrait photographer who can capture the things that make the people you love the most so special, distinctive and memorable, you need Freeman, plain and simple. He's been a force in the professional photography realm for more than fifteen years. He's run three studios located in the Central Maryland region as well. It doesn't matter if you're looking for intricate family portrait photography. It doesn't matter if you're interested in high-quality wedding photography, either. Freeman has what it takes to cater to your requests. He specializes in all different types of photography. Other key examples are event, fashion, location, boudoir, fitness, engagement and couples photography.

Barry Freeman is a family portrait photographer who can help you create lasting and vivid memories. He has a penchant for images that are simultaneously intense and artsy. He's a photographer who pictures stunning images in his mind in all places. He can be enjoying a simple stroll in the park. He can be in the car looking off in the distance, too. Photography is a constant in his brain. It's something that he lives and breathes.

There's no doubt that a family unit is a precious thing. That's why there's also no doubt that it can be so priceless to document your family in photographic form. If you want to remember your little son or daughter as a sweet and carefree toddler for years and years, Freeman can help you do so. If you want to remember your family as the zany, spirited, hilarious and loving group of people it is, Freeman can help you do so, too. Contact Barry Freeman Photography today to schedule a photography session. We're a family portrait studio that always prioritizes happiness.

The Best Portrait Photography in Baltimore


A reputable portrait studio can be a place of magic. It can be the perfect setting for the best portrait photography, first and foremost. If you need fine portrait photography for any reason, Barry Freeman Photography in Baltimore, Maryland can take wonderful care of you. We're a local portrait studio that serves clients all over Baltimore. We also serve clients in both Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. When you're looking for the best portrait photography available, we'll never disappoint you. Our portrait studio is headed by an experienced and respected professional photographer who is known as Barry Freeman. He's been happily working as a photographer for about 15 years now. His love of the photography field only grows stronger by the day, too. If you want the best portrait photography, you can depend on this driven, seasoned and detail-oriented professional. He's a photographer who cares about his clients' needs and goals. He's a photographer who understands how to turn images into genuine works of art as well. Artistry is one of his strong suits. We offer all kinds of photography sessions here at Barry Freeman Photography. Clients turn to us for fashion, event, fitness, boudoir, location, engagement, wedding, couples and family photography sessions all of the time. If you're looking for a photo studio that can give you a family portrait that's vivid, striking and unforgettable, we have you covered. If you're looking for a photo studio that can give you a senior  that embodies your character and personality beautifully, we have you covered, too.

Securing the best portrait photography in Baltimore is now a piece of cake. If you're searching for a portrait studio that's 100 percent professional, welcoming, polite and accommodating, Barry Freeman Photography is the ideal choice. Get in touch today to book a future session.