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Professional studio portrait photography can be great for all types of applications in life. It can help job seekers who are on the lookout for brand new career opportunities. It can help freelancers who want to promote their available products and services to prospective customers and clients, too. When you need professional studio portraits in Baltimore, Prince George's County or Montgomery County in Maryland, you can count on Barry Freeman Photography. We're a reputable photography studio that specializes in studio portraits of all varieties. We cater to those who need studio portrait photography, wedding photography, engagement photography, fashion photography, event photography, location photography, fitness photography, boudoir photography and more. Barry Freeman is the accomplished photographer who oversees our company. He's been enthusiastic about photography for practically as long as he can remember. He traces his relationship with the camera all the way back to the seventies when he was a bright-eyed youngster. He's a professional who has a flair for intensity. If you like the idea of studio portrait photography that's polished, modern, expressive and powerful, you'll fall in love with Freeman's artistic and detail-oriented approach. He offers customers studio portraits that convey so much.

When you need a skilled, dedicated and affordable Baltimore photographer who understands portrait photography in great detail, you need Barry Freeman Photography. We're a photography firm that gives every single session 110 percent. We always want everything to be completely perfect for our clients. If you have any lighting preferences, just say the word. If you have any background suggestions, just say the word, too. We constantly strive to give our clients portrait sessions that are everything they want and more.

If you need an appointment for unequaled studio portrait photography in Baltimore, get in touch with Barry Freeman Photography A.S.A.P. to schedule a session.

Great Portrait Photography Prices in Baltimore, Maryland

Portrait studio photography is a wonderful thing. What can be better than a flattering studio photograph that encapsulates your personality? What can be better than a studio photograph that shows you in the most flattering possible light? There's no arguing the wonders of portrait studio photography. There's also no arguing, however, that it can often be on the costly side. When you need affordable portrait photography prices in Baltimore, Maryland, all you have to do is contact Barry Freeman Photography. We're a noted local photography firm that's known for excellent quality and economical prices at the same time. If you're looking for budget-friendly portrait photography prices in Baltimore, Montgomery County or Prince George's County, we can tend to your needs.

Barry Freeman Photography specializes in first-rate photography sessions of all types. We can help people who need fashion, fitness, location, couples, wedding, engagement, boudoir, event and family photography, to begin. You can turn to us any time you need high school senior portraits, birthday party images, custom portrait sessions and beyond. Barry Freeman Photography is a company that always aims to satisfy. It doesn't matter what kind of image mood you want. We'll create the right ambience for you. Barry Freeman is the talent behind the lens here at Barry Freeman Photography. He's an experienced, driven and detail-oriented professional who likes taking photographs that are artistic, intense, inspiring and intricate.

Inexpensive portrait photography braces in Baltimore don't have to seem like a pipe dream for anyone. We make them 100 percent realistic at Barry Freeman Photography. Our primary goal day in and day out is to provide all of our clients with portrait studio photography that's of superb quality. It's also to provide them with studio photography that doesn't ever break the bank. Contact us today to schedule a session.

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College Senior Portraits Maryland


The college experience is something that's difficult to properly put into words. It's an amazing time in any young life. It's a time of growth, transitions, meaningful friendships and so much more. If you want to document the end of your college career, it can be a great idea to invest in professional portraits. Barry Freeman Photography is a renowned local studio that offers the finest college senior portraits in all of Baltimore, Maryland. We don't exclusively cater to Charm City residents, either. We also work with college seniors in Prince George's County and Montgomery County. If you're looking for award winning senior portraits in the area, we can happily deliver for you. Our award winning senior portraits are modern, inspired, fresh, heartfelt and nuanced. They're everything you could ever want out of photography. Barry Freeman is the experienced photographer who heads things here at Barry Freeman Photography. His approach to college senior portraits is out of this world. If you're searching for senior portraits that are the ideal combination of artistic, realistic, contemporary and fashionable, you'll truly appreciate Freeman's chops. He's the kind of photographer who puts 110 percent into every single portrait session, zero exceptions. He works carefully alongside all of his clients to make sure he gives them exactly what they want. That's the reason he has such an amazing track record. When you need award winning senior portraits that tick off all the right boxes, you need Freeman, period.

Barry Freeman Photography is an acclaimed company that gives clients all types of options. We specialize in A+ college senior portraits that are great for young adults who are about to begin exciting new chapters in their lives. We specialize in wedding, couples, engagement, family, location, fitness, boudoir and event portraits that are perfect for all types of other situations as well. If you're looking for a studio that offers all different kinds of photography, we're the right match for you. Freeman has substantial experience with all varieties of photography. If you want urban senior portraits, he can come through for you. If you want artsy fashion or boudoir photography, he can come through for you, too. There's no photography job that's too complicated or too big for this wizard.

If you're looking for award winning senior portraits in Baltimore, Barry Freeman Photography is the way to go. Call us today for information and to book a session.

A Reliable Family Portrait Studio in Baltimore, Maryland

A talented family portrait photographer can be a wonderful thing. What can be better than documenting the people you love the most in all of their glory? When you need a reliable and high-quality family portrait studio in the Baltimore, Maryland area, good news is available to you. That news is that Barry Freeman Photography can save the day. We're a trusted local family portrait studio that accommodates clients in Baltimore, Montgomery County and Prince George's County. Barry Freeman isn't only our studio's namesake. He's also our incredible family portrait photographer. He has been in charge of countless amazing family portrait sessions over the years. He's actually been dazzling the world as a professional photographer for 15 years and going strong. If you want to work with a skilled family portrait photographer who can wow you with images that are detail-oriented, captivating, meaningful and true to life, Freeman is the solution. If you want to work with a portrait photographer who is familiar with all different kinds of styles and lighting techniques, he's the solution, too.

Freeman is a photographer who understands the ins and outs of family portraits. Family portraits, however, aren't his sole area of expertise. He also happens to be an acclaimed boudoir, location, event, wedding, fashion and fitness photographer. When you need top-tier couples and engagement photography in or around Baltimore, he's the professional who can serve you best. When you need A1 party photography in the region, he's the professional who will always go the extra mile for you.

Barry Freeman Photography is a respected family portrait studio that works with all types of clients on a regular basis. Email or phone our company as soon as possible for additional details and to reserve a session. We're ready to stun you with our amazing portraits. Contact Us Now

College Senior Portraits in Baltimore


Senior Portraits in Baltimore

Are you looking for Senior Portraits in Baltimore? The search for the perfect portrait studio can be a tough one. If you're anywhere in Baltimore, Prince George's County or Montgomery County in Maryland, however, it's not exactly so hard. Why not? It's because you can turn to Barry Freeman Photography. Barry Freeman Photography is a prominent photography company that offers customers the finest college senior portraits in the Baltimore City and beyond. When you need college senior portraits that are the ideal combination of modern, serious, professional and sophisticated, our portrait studio can give you exactly what you want.

Barry Freeman is a proficient portrait photographer who has been making clients smile professionally for 15 plus years. He's accomplished so much during his career as a photographer as well. He's operated three Central Maryland photography studios. He's been at the helm of countless fashion, event, engagement, couples, boudoir and fitness photography shoots. He's photographed countless weddings big and small. He's photographed countless events in general.

Barry's take on college and high school senior portraits is fresh, cool and interesting. He always likes to give his clients photography that's inspired and that's unlike anything they've ever seen before. If you're searching for college senior photography that's simultaneously classic and contemporary, Freeman is the professional you need to call. The college years can be an amazing journey for students. They're a time of significant transitions. They're a time of joy, frustration, lasting friendships and so much more. If you want to remember your college experience in the greatest possible way, Barry can provide you with senior portraits that are quite simply the best of the best.

If you need college senior photography anywhere in the Baltimore area, our portrait studio can accommodate you well. Get in contact with Barry Freeman Photography as soon as possible to learn more about our work and to book a session.