How much does it cost?

Listed below are the session fees on location and at the studio.  Your session fees do not include any printed products. These products must be purchased separately. A normal session takes about 2 hours.

  • $100 for a Standard Session Fee For 1 person 1-2 outfit changes 
  • $145 1-2 children (3 months and older)
  • $250 couples & engagement sessions on location
  • $175  for 3-6 children or one family
  • $250 for families larger than 5 (up to 8 people must only include up to 2 adults)
  • $350 for extended or large families or groups (greater than 6 people with more than 2 adults)
  • $150-$275 senior portraits (see description below)
  • (Please note prices do not reflect any print products)

$250 Newborn Specialty Session with multiple props and backdrops taken at your home. (newborns 4-10 days month old, 2-3 hrs session)

$250 Maternity & Newborn Package:  includes 1 hr Maternity and 1 hr newborn session ( please note pricing does not include photo CD or print products)

$275 Hospital & Newborn Package: includes 1 hr hospital session with newborn and 1 hr at-home newborn session. (please note pricing does not includ photo CD or print products)

$500 Maternity and Baby Package: includes Maternity session (1 hr) with newborn session (1 hr) and session at 3 month, 6 month and 12 month (can be a birthday session) photo shoots.  (pricing does not include photo cd)


$275 Senior Portraits:

$275 includes 2 hours with photographer and up to 5 sets in the same  location  15-20 edited/toned images. Price depends on location and number of clothing changes.

What is included in the price? 1-2 hour picture session (for maternity, newborn, children & family, excludes specialty newborn and packages), for an additional $65 you can order a DVD of the best edited photos from your session usually 15-40 images and varies per shoot. (second DVD can be ordered for an additional $35)

How long does it take to get our pictures to us after the session? The photos are ready with in 14 days, a DVD/CD portrait art, portrait panels, wall murals, aluminum panels can take up to 3 weeks to arrive at your home. Photo Books can take from 10-20 days.

Where do we take the pictures? in the Central Maryland area including Baltimore City, Washington DC and NOVA

I can offer ideas or you can tell me a place you have in mind. For beach locations there is  an addition fee.

What if it rains or we get sick…or you get sick? Please call as soon as you can for illnesses and I will for weather related cancellations then we will reschedule for the next possible day.

When do you schedule sessions?  Sessions are schedules on around what is convenient to you.

What should we wear? I recommend wearing all white or all black as a group…details can get lost with those two colors only sol lets talk about the venue and what you should wear.

I love to see the personality of the kids or family come out in the photos so wearingwhatever your style is really the best. You want your pictures to reflect as much YOU as possible.

Do you take pictures indoors? Yes, but we have to discuss the details first.  Many of my sessions take place outdoors in natural light…early morning or dusk is the ideal time. Newborns sessions can be done at your home or mine and I have a rustic studio on my property for indoor shoots.

Do You Shoot Weddings? Yes! I enjoy capturing the perfect moments whether it’s a quaint wedding or big celebration of love! The cost usually runs from $650-$2000.